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Ideas for NIGP Chapters from the 2017 Forum

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Ideas for NIGP Chapters from the 2017 Forum



Forum 2017 Workshop

Chapter Issues:  What Would You Do?

 We have new younger members and some seem unsure of their role in the chapter or if they even qualify to be more than just a member.  How do we engage them to participate, volunteer and eventually lead?

·         Create a volunteer application to identify their talents

·         Create non-standing committee

·         Invite new members to attend for free

·         Find mentors – do the ‘personal ask’ as well as email etc.

·         Provide Internships

·         Provide new member training or create a welcome committee

·         Offer free one-day training to new members

·         Create a Boot Camp to train new leadership

·         Send individuals to the Leadership Development Symposium hosted by NIGP

 You and your fellow procurement staff want to join the local chapter and be active, but your director/manager doesn’t support your time out of the office or engagement with the local chapter.  What do you do?  How does the chapter push the value of being an individual member?

·         Promote certification both with UPPCC and state

·         The opportunity to spend time with new people to share ideas

 You finally get some new faces on your board with new ideas and energy but you still have some ‘old timers’ that are in leadership roles.  How do you empower the new board members while also dealing with leaders entrenched in doing things the way they always have been done?

·         Change bylaws

·         Change terms limits

·         Start with getting new board members by doing “the personal ask”

·         Engage the un-engaged for short term or episodic volunteering

·         Try to phase out the “clique” of leadership

·         Provide knowledge and expectations and training of new board alongside current board

·         Create informal lunches – networking with no specific speaker

·         Go to regional events to engage all members over the year and around the state and then one annual event

·         Chairs/Directors – engage new people to be your committee members

 ”Member Experience” – How do you identify the desire of the members and provide them with the benefits they need to make the chapter relevant for them professionally?

·         Face Book (Social Media)

·         Annual Member Satisfaction Survey

·         Collaborative volunteer work

·         Hosting joint chapter conferences

·         Web hosting through Chapter Manager which offers:  job postings, legislative committee alerts, public hearing notices and much more

·         Scholarship program that is either point and merit based

·         An updated website

·         Posting meeting minutes (also in a timely manner)

·         Using technology such as Skype or Go To Meeting

·         Do a chapter swap (like AZ and KY) to learn from another chapter

·         Create a Chapter Video about the benefits of being a chapter member

 What does your chapter due to get new/younger procurement professionals to participate in chapter events and to volunteer or committees?

·         Create relationships with local Universities and Colleges

·         Offer free membership to students that are enrolled in school

·         Offer scholarships to NIGP classes/conferences based on a point system

·         Recruit for committee membership roles

·         Partner with graduate schools/talk with MBA classes

·         Use Face Book and social media (create a social media committee also a good place to ask younger generations to belong to)

·         Offer free classes during meetings

·         Offer no fee for conferences

 What are chapters doing to raise funds?  We need revenue streams!!

·         Reverse Trade Show

·         Speed Buying

·         Conference Vendor Trade Show

·         Vendor Sponsorships

·         Hosting NIGP classes

 How do we convey that NIGP’s relevant given that free training is already available to individual members in existing procurement networks? 

·         Networking

·         Share professional values

·         Global Entities  = NIGP

·         Body of Knowledge

·         Developing relationships

·         Business Council input

·         Opportunities to volunteer

 How do you develop members to move into the leadership roles? (intentionally developing the future leadership)

·         Recognize talent

·         The ‘personal ask’ to become involved

·         Mentoring programs

·         Conduct a membership survey

·         Ask members to volunteer for short-term projects

·         Pull leaders from current committee volunteers

·         Offer incentives

 While many class size minimums have dropped, we are still having problems reaching the number to hold the class, what are some creative ways to get individuals to register or raise funds to subsidize NIGP classes?

  • Plan class schedule a year out so the chapter has as much time as possible to market and publicize the classes – promote via email, website etc. as soon as class is posted on NIGP. 

·         Try offering one or two free spots (paid for by the chapter) to the first registrants

·         Partner with surrounding chapters to reach minimums as well as class planning as to not overlap the same class around the same time

  • Survey members for the type of classes they would be interested along with dates and times that work best for them and what their budget needs are.  Consider including in the survey the number of classes the member’s agency is likely to pay for. 
  • Try to schedule classes in facilities that would be free to the chapter and convenient to attendees (free parking is good too)
  • Sometimes less is more; don’t try to host a class a month – pick maybe three/four key classes per year. 

 We have had some of the same officers in place for several years.  Members just won’t step up to run for office.  How do we get them to take on leadership roles?

·         Create a talent recruitment program/process

·         Create term limits

·         Incentive programs/scholarship to volunteer (officers comp. to NIGP Forum or other conferences)

·         Encourage the thought that leadership roles can be a resume builder

·         Enhance membership recruitment

·         Marketing efforts from past/current officers in the chapter newsletter:  Benefits, rewards, challenges

·         Mentoring volunteerism

 Does any chapter use ice-breakers at their events to get people engaged, or other things that encourages attendees to mix up with others outside of those from their own agencies?

·         Have attendees grab an item out of a bag when they enter the room and find the table with the same item (candy/chocolate pieces work well for this) 

·         Play a “get to know you game”

·         Recognitions during a meeting or conference - new members, new work positions/promotions, life changes, certification

·         Change seating arrangement (if an all-day event, change seats after lunch)

·         Have a board member great newcomers at registration table or at door entrance

·         Create contest and winners

·         Reach one – Teach one

·         Photo opps using social media

 We are constantly struggling to find speakers.  How do chapters find speakers and how can we (as chapters) work together to share this information?

·         Use internal resources

·         Chose topics to find instructors

·         Target specific individuals face to face

·         Look to state officials

·         Use incentives for speakers

·         Using higher education resources

·         Use references from other departments and agencies

·         Piggy back off other events

·         Risk Managers – county, city, K-12

·         Other agencies and departments

·         Legislation

·         Review other chapter events

·         Reach out to your NIGP Chapter Ambassador

 Many states have their own certification, how do we as a chapter manage supporting both local and the UPPCC certification?

·         Incorporate NIGP classes at the local level certification

·         Understanding that both have same goals; “benefit members”

·         Offer scholarships for anything to support both

·         Research accreditation credits

 We can’t get members to engage in the chapter.  What are others chapters doing to get their membership involved?

·         Board members have conference registration paid for them

·         Personal calls/contacts to solicit volunteers

·         Pay for NIGP membership

·         Pick interesting places to hold meetings

 As a chapter, what are some of the incentives you have successfully used to increase CPPO/CPPB certification?

·         Utilize scholarship program (all training opportunities)

·         Offer accredited workshops

·         Survey membership to determine desire for certification

·         Have chapter host study groups

·         Encourage CPPO/CPPB as certifications they can take with them unlike local/state certifications

·         Always recognize those who have passed the exam

·         Work towards agencies requiring these certifications for employment or advancement

 How does you ensure that chapter funds are being expended properly?  Do you have an oversight process or double signatures?  Do you have the chapter books audited?

·         Board approves budget annually

·         Membership approves budget

·         Monthly budget reports are required (ensure they are not just excel spread sheets but also include copies of the bank statements; considering bank statements being sent to another officer along with the treasurer) 

·         Year end, look at budget vs. actuals

·         Double signatures too hard to get (create a verification form that can be emailed to ensure there is approval from at least two officers if two signatures are not possible)

·         Yes, require two signatures if amount is over $5000 (Pres or VP and Treasurer needed to approve)

·         Accountant looks at chapter books quarterly

·         Audit us done before first board meeting and before annual budget can be done

·         Internal audits done yearly and external audit done every 3 years

·         Use quicken to keep chapter records

 A common struggle for chapter attendance is “time away from the office’.  Many agencies are running with bare bones staffing levels so it’s critical that the Chapter’s offer meaningful and valuable content.  While online tools can be used, it doesn’t replace “face-to-face” time.  What are some solutions to this?

·         Desire for credit towards certification/tie topics to Book of Knowledge

·         Networking

·         Quarterly or consistent dates for meetings and training

·         Diversify agenda

·         Virtual meetings

 We would like to get sponsors but our board still struggles with ethics of putting vendor logos on our website, letting them speak at meetings etc.  How have others worked through this?

·         Sponsorships needs to be open to all vendors

·         Any logos put in the chapter website need to link to the home page of the vendor not to a specific product or sales page

·         Have a sponsorship tied to a specific event or timeframe

·         Vendor presentation has no marketing content

 We want to begin having remote board meetings.  What technology are chapters using or have considered using?

·         “Start Meeting” – free for the first hour

·         Google Hangouts – only allows 8 or 10 people (use add a caller or cell phone)

·         Held meetings in evening for only 1 hour

·         4 face-to-face meetings (2 being at annual conferences) use Verizon Business Line for other monthly board meetings

·         Skype

 Give some ideas on how to incorporate training for all levels of experience?  Any ideas how to engage both the younger/newer profession and those that have been around awhile?

·         When you come across a younger person or newer person to the profession take them under your wing and help guide them along

·         Offer them a reduced membership rate

·         Offer students a free chapter membership

·         Internship programs

·         Go out to local colleges

·         Attend college expos

·         Offer mentoring programs that connect retired members with students

·         Participate in high school tables or events and change the ‘language’ about the profession; giving back community oriented, innovation, millennials