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Article I – Name 
The name of this organization shall be the NIGP New York Inc. A Chapter of NIGP (The Institute for Public Procurement)  

 Article II- Objective
 All governmental employees who desire to become Members of this organization shall subscribe to the objectives of the chapter as outlined in Article II of the Constitution.   

 Article III- Membership 
1.    The membership shall consist of Regular, Honorary, and Retired memberships.
1.1 Regular Membership:  Membership in the chapter shall be open to all public personnel from entities including federal, state, county, municipal and township activities, public school systems, colleges, universities, hospitals, commissions, authorities, and any other political subdivisions of the state.
 1.2 Honorary Membership:  Honorary Membership may be conferred by unanimous vote of members upon individuals who have made distinguished contributions to the purchasing profession.   Chapter Honorary Members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office and are exempt from dues payment.
 1.3 Retired Membership:  Retired Membership may be conferred upon members of this chapter upon their retirement from active employment, and upon written request for such membership.  Retired members shall be entitled to vote and hold office and shall be exempt from dues payment.
 2.       Admission: An applicant becomes a regular member upon acceptance of the application, payment of dues, and confirmation by the Membership Committee that all eligibility requirements, outlined in Paragraph 1 above have been met. 
3.       Revocation:  The Board of Directors may revoke the membership of any person for non-payment of dues, a potential conflict of interest by a member, or for other just cause, including violations of the NIGP Code of Ethics.  A person considered for membership revocation, except for nonpayment of dues, shall be provided written notice of the proposed action by the Board of Directors and be given opportunity to show cause as why the membership should not be revoked. 
 Article IV- Officers and Administration 
1.       The following shall constitute the officers of the chapter: PresidentVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurer  
 1.1   The President shall exercise general supervision over affairs of the chapter, preside over all meetings of the chapter, be a member ex-officio of all committees and perform all duties incident to the office of the President
 1.2    Vice President (s):  The Vice President(s) shall develop and administer program content, selection criteria, nomination and selection pertaining to annual awards and scholarship, shall see that audit of financial records is performed, and performs such duties as are assigned by the President.    
 1.3   Secretary: The Secretary shall maintain a written record of the proceedings of all meetings of the Board of Directors and of the Chapter, post the records of proceedings on the Chapter website, e  mail all notices of meeting and the affairs of the Chapter to the Chapter and to NIGP, and perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.
 1.4   Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall be responsible for the accounting of the funds of the chapter, shallmaintain a complete record of receipts and disbursements, and shall render true complete reports relative to the financial affairs of the Chapter to the Board of Director’s.   The Treasurer shall prepare and sign all chapter checks and obtain signatures from the President or Vice President on those checks which require counter signatures.  The Treasurer submits annual Financial Reports to NIGP and files IRS Form 990N’s by established deadlines.
 1.5   Board of Directors: The governing body of this chapter is the Board of Directors, chaired by the President, the immediate Past President, Vice President (s), Secretary, Treasurer and Chairpersons of standing committees.   It shall be the duty of each Member of the Board of Directors to attend each Board of Directors meetings.  The Board of Directors shall control and manage the affairs and finances of the Chapter and shall have authorities to take actions that will serve the best interest of the Chapter and its Members.  The Board of Directors shall have no authority to expend or commit funds, or otherwise cause indebtedness of the Chapter unless such expenditures, commitment or indebtedness is approved in advance by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the membership at a regular meeting. Board of Directors approvals require a unanimous vote by the Board membership.  The Board of Directors shall review and approve special announcements before transmittal to the general membership or to prospective members.  Board of Directors members may submit articles and material for inclusion in the Chapter newsletter and for publication on the Chapters public web site.  The Board of Directors will oversee and approve the Chapter’s public web site content.  
 Article V- Nominations and Elections
 1.       The Nominating Committee and its chairperson are appointed by the President and shall consist of not less than (5) members. The Nominating Committee will recommend a slate of officers for membership vote at the September chapter meeting. The slate of candidates will be announced to the membership (30) days prior to the September meeting.
 2.       Officers shall be elected at the September meeting.   A simple majority vote of those regular members in attendance and submitting absentee ballots will be counted.  Votes by absentee ballot will be counted only if submitted notarized by Notary Public and received by the President prior to the first official vote. The following officers shall be elected: PresidentVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurer In the event of vacancy in an officer’s position it shall be filled by automatic succession and special election held accordance with Article V, Section 1, of the Bylaws. 
 3.       No member of this chapter shall be eligible for any office or directorship unless he/she has been a member in good standing for at least one year immediately preceding the election. The President and Vice President(s) shall hold current CPPB and/ or CPPO certifications. 
 Article VI - Term of Office
 1.       The two year term of office of all officers and directors shall commence on January 1 of the first year.
 2.       The immediate Past President who may be President one year and then serves on the Board of Directors, the following year,  for one year only.
 3.       Elected officers are limited to serving in the same Office more than (2) two year consecutive terms.

 Article VII - Vacancies
 1. The Board of Directors may, by a majority vote, vacate any office for cause or whenever the Board of Directors shall determine that the incumbent is physically incapable of performing the duties in such office. The officer shall be given notice of any such proposed action by the Board. The officer affected shall have the right to respond to such notice within 10 days after receipt of such notice.

Article VIII - Meetings
 The chapter shall conduct a minimum of (5) regularly scheduled general membership meetings.   Due notice of all meetings shall be served upon the membership prior to scheduled meeting dates. 
1.       Special Meetings of the Chapter may be called by the President on his/her own motion.
2.       Committee Meetings shall be held as often as individual Chairperson determines necessary to accomplish assigned tasks.
3.       For any meeting a quorum shall consist of the majority of the membership present
4.       Voting:  Each regular Member or Retired Member in good standing shall be entitled to one vote.
5.       Robert’s rule of Order shall govern the conduct of the meetings of the chapter.
6.       Board of Director’s shall meet as the President deems necessary.
Article IX - Committees
 The standing Committees of this chapter shall be as follows: 
1.       Finance
2.       Professional Development & Certifications 
3.       Membership & Recruitment 
4.       Specifications Library  
5.       Programs and Service  
6.       Newsletter, Web Communications and Public Relations  
7.       Awards and Scholarships 
7.1    The Awards and Scholarship Committee shall consist of the following four members :  Chapter Vice – President;  Chairperson of Professional Development Committee;  Chairperson of the Membership Committee; & A member at Large from the general chapter membership nominated by the President and approved by the Board of Directors.  The Committee is chaired by the Chapter Vice President. This committee shall be responsible for the development and administration of procedures, criteria, and final selection of recipients for the following annual chapter awards: 
7.1.1  Professional Public Buyer of the Year,   Professional Public Purchasing Manager of the Year,     Annual Scholarship Award 
7.2.    This committee shall also coordinate submission of the NIGP Chapter of the Year Award nomination, and the National Professional Public Purchasing Manager of the Year Award nomination to NIGP   
8.       Job Opportunities  
Article X- Finances
 1.       The chapter’s Fiscal Year shall be January 1 through December 31.
 2.       Membership dues:   The Chapter shall receive annual dues, in the amount of $40, from   Regular members.   New members shall pay, in full, at the time of acceptance into membership.  Honorary and Retired members are exempt from Chapter dues. 
 3.       Assessment:  The Chapter may at its option, and in accordance the Constitution and Bylaws of this Chapter, assess its members for financial support of the Chapter’s activities.  The Chapter will submit membership rosters and will pay NIGP’s Annual Membership dues assessment by the established due date.
 4.       Contributions and Gifts:  The Chapter may receive financial contributions and non-vendor gifts in support of its activities. The financial receipts of the chapter derived from sources other than membership dues may be retained for the support of the chapter’s activities unless other arrangements are approved by the Board of Directors or from the President.
 5.       Fund Raising: The Chapter may conduct fund raising functions to support its activities. No person, officer, or member, may in the name of the chapter, solicit or receive gifts or contributions of any kind without the approval of the Board of Directors or from the President.
 6.       Expenditures of Chapter Treasury funds:   The Treasurer and President will be authorized to sign bank checks, and make electronic withdrawals of Chapter funds by ATM or transfers of funds for authorized chapter expenses.    Any expenditure in excess of $500 or 20% of current treasury balance, whichever is less, shall require the approval of the Board of Directors.  The Vice President is authorized to sign chapter checks in the temporary absence of the President or Treasurer.
 Article XI- Amendments 
1.       Time for filing Proposals for Amendments: All proposals to amend, alter, or repeal any part of the Constitution and/or Bylaws must be mailed to the membership 30 days prior to the meeting that would consider the changing of same.
 2.       Amendments:  At designated meetings of the chapter, the membership may, by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote, alter, amend or repeal any part of the Constitution and Bylaws, adopt a new Constitution and Bylaws, or direct the Board of Directors to cause any provision of the Constitution and Bylaws to be amended would be inconsistent with the chapter status as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of New York or in conflict with NIGP nor would infringe on the rights of third party. Votes by absentee ballot will be counted only if submitted notarized by Notary Public and received by the President prior to the first official vote.

 Article XII- Separability
 If any Section of the Constitution and Bylaws are found to be unjust or unconstitutional, it shall not affect any other portion except as amended under Article XI, Section 1.

 Article XIII- Revocation/ Dissolution
 In the event the chapter charter is revoked or the chapter dissolved, the chapter shall:
  1.       After satisfaction of all debts to NIGP and other debtors, deposit all residual funds with the National Treasurer or donate to another non-profit institution except from federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS Code, such as the Lewis E. Spangler Professional Development Foundation, or the NIGP Building Fund; 
2.       Deposit with NIGP all properties of the chapter, including original Charter, financial statements, official chapter records, etc. upon completion of either a) Letter of revocation or b) letter of dissolution, whichever is applicable.  All properties will be held at the National Headquarters office of NIGP in event of reactivation of the Chapter. Revocation of a Chapter Charter is accomplished by NIGP Board of Directors by vote of 2/3rds of the entire NIGP Board of Directors.  Dissolution of a chapter is accomplished by three-fourths (3/4) of the Chapter members eligible to vote and certification thereof to the National Board of Directors. Reinstatement of a Chapter Charter may be accomplished upon application to the Executive Vice President and favorable vote of a majority of the NIGP Board of Directors.  # # #  
 Adopted by General Membership of NIGP NY INC