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 PO Box 3145, Grand Central Station NY, NY  10163

Article I  The name of this organization shall be the NIGP-New York Inc.-A  Chapter of NIGP  (The Institute for Public Procurement)Chapter Employee Identification Number 22-3566817  
Article II – Objective 
The objectives of this chapter are to establish cooperative relationships among its members for the development of efficient purchasing methods and practices in the field of educational, governmental public institutional procurement; to encourage maintenance of ethical standards in buying and selling; to promote uniform public purchasing laws and simplified standards and specifications; to collect and disseminate useful information for its members; to promote the interchange of ideas and experiences within the purchasing professions: to encourage research and investigation; to promote ongoing training and certification of those engaged in the profession; to sponsor such other activities as may be useful in providing its members with knowledge of efficient procurement; to strive by all legitimate means to advance the purchasing profession; and to observe the Purposes, Aims and Objectives of The Institute for Public Procurement (NIGP). 
Article III- Membership
 Any Governmental employee who subscribes to the objectives of this organization and is willing to actively support it shall be eligible for membership in the Chapter.   Membership categories shall be: Regular, Honorary, and Retired, as defined by the Chapter’s Bylaws.
 Article IV- Officers and Administration 
The Chapter shall be governed by a Board of Directors.  The officers of the organization shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The top (4) officers shall be agency or individual members of NIGP.
 Article V – Meetings 

The Chapter shall conduct a minimum of (5) regularly scheduled meetings of the Chapter membership.  Due notice of all meetings shall be served upon the membership prior to scheduled meeting date.


 Article VI- Committees
 Standing Committee Chairpersons shall be recommended by the President and approved for appointment by the officers of the Chapter.   Chairpersons of Special Committees shall be appointed at the discretion of the President.
  Article VII- Nominations and Elections
 Nomination of officers shall be made by a Nominating Committee, appointed by the President;   Additional nominations may be made from the floor at general membership meetings.    All officers shall be elected bi-annually, and each shall hold office until a successor is elected or appointed.
 Article VIII- Administration No officer or director of the chapter shall be compensated for their services. The Board of Directors may retain the services of qualified personnel to perform services for the chapter as needed.  All acts performed by individuals in the name of the chapter must be done so with proper authority. The Chapter fiscal year shall be established as January 1 – December 31. 
Article IX- Finances 
The chapter shall be financed by annual dues from the membership, through the assessments of members, and gifts or contributions.  Accurate records shall be maintained to reflect the receipt and expenditure of all funds by the chapter.  Financial records should be audited once each fiscal year by external sources.  Copies of Chapter annual financial reports shall be forwarded to NIGP as required. 
Article X- Dissolution
 In the event of dissolution or the revocation or forfeiture of the charter or otherwise, no distribution of assets is to be made to any officer or director, or any other person or individual except as outlined in the Chapter Bylaws.  
 Adopted by General Membership of NIGP NY INC.