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Thursday, June 27, 2019

5:00pm – 7:00pm

David N. Dinkins Municipal Building

1 Centre Street

We had two dynamic guest speakers for our June meeting


Our host Mersida Ibric , Deputy Commissioner, DCAS Office of Citywide Purchasing


Sean Carroll, NIGP Ambassador & Chief Procurement Officer, New York State Office of General Services

 We had about 25 people representing a dozen different NYC procurement agencies.  Those present were delighted to hear the ways that NIGP is developing new opportunities for new and old procurement professionals to work toward professional development and certification, at their own pace, and with mix of instructor led courses, seminars and web trainings available, and new training opportunities, including some accessible from the employee's own desk.  We heard that at least a half dozen of our NYC procurement staff are planning on attending the Forum in Austin Texas.  Also for those who cannot go to the Forum, you can earn contact hours by attend virtual forum courses. Those attending were pleased with the amount of information that they took away from the meeting and the 1.5 of educational contact hours earned for attending the meeting. 



 Our next meeting will be held in September, hosted by NYC DOT, ACCO, Nancy Carolan.  The meeting will be held at 55 Water Street, ACCO Bid Room,  enter from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza.  Date and Time will be confirmed soon so return here for more details. Come to learn more about Pathways (described below) and good news and ideas from those who attended the Forum.   Light refreshments will be served at our meeting.


November 2019 General Membership Meeting 

December 2019 Chapter Holiday Gathering 

NIGP Introduces Pathways

 As most of you may be aware, NIGP introduced a new professional development and credentialing program on May 2, 2019 called Pathways. For those of you who follow the Purchissues forum on NSite, you know there are many questions about the announcement.

 With Pathways, NIGP will offer multiple ways for members to obtain education. NIGP will offer a certification, the NIGP-CPP Certified Procurement Professional, that will require ongoing education (similar to the UPPCC’s current CPPB and CPPO certifications), and certificates to show mastery in specific subjects which will not require ongoing education.

 I know many of you are very curious as to why NIGP chose to do this and are concerned how this affects all of us who have current certifications from the UPPCC and other institutes and those who are working toward certification. While I encourage all of you to visit NIGP’s Pathways website at (especially go through the FAQs link), I would like to share the following:

 ·         Why did NIGP develop Pathways? Among the reasons are the requests for affordable education, flexibility and accessibility for how you obtain your education, the desire for customizable options and for multiple options for recognition. I can tell you from my past chapter visits, these are all concerns I’ve heard from members at every visit. Not everyone works at an agency that pays for their education, people need the flexibility to obtain education at a convenient time, and there are many in our profession who do not meet the eligibility requirements for a certification but still desire some form of recognition.

·         Why the NIGP-CPP? The NIGP-CPP expands the areas of focus beyond the UPPCC’s Body of Public Procurement Knowledge to include Strategy, Leadership and Business Principles & Operations.

·         How does a NIGP-CPP compare to the certificates/badges?  Certificate = engaging in learning events and successfully completing the assessment; no additional requirements. Certification = meeting eligibility requirements and obtaining a sufficient score on the exam; additional ongoing requirements to maintain the certification.

·         Bridging – There will be an option for those with CPPBs and CPPOs to “bridge” to the new NIGP-CPP. NIGP will offer free virtual prep courses, will waive the application fee, and will offer the bridge exam for free to those with a CPPB or CPPO until June 2021.

·         Why do those with a CPPB get to bridge to the same NIGP-CPP certification as those with a CPPO?  While NIGP will only have one certification, the gap of knowledge bridging from a CPPB will be wider than those with a CPPO. The CPPO requires additional knowledge of the UPPCC body of knowledge than the CPPB so it is expected that those bridging from a CPPB will be required to add that knowledge plus learn the NIGP-CPP’s requirements in strategy, leadership, and business principles & operations.

·         Should I keep my CPPB/O or just get the NIGP-CPP? I asked this very question!! Just as some of our vey own members have multiple designations, that will be a choice for you to make. At this point, I am recertifying for my CPPO and will most likely bridge to the NIGP-CPP as well – but that is certainly not required.

·         There will be many opportunities to earn badges, core certificates, designations, and specializations, beginning with the classes offered prior to the 2019 NIGP Forum in Austin. At Forum, NIGP will be offering a Technology Procurement Specialization Certificate Level 1 course, Thursday through Saturday before Forum, and will offer a Strategy and Policy Core Certificate course on Friday and Saturday prior to Forum. These courses mark the beginning of the course offerings that will come. Future opportunities will be available, including online courses and in-person courses that may be offered by chapters.

We know there are many more questions than covered here and again, we encourage you to visit the Pathways site for details. Though it’s been announced, Pathways is still in its infancy and there are more details for NIGP to determine and convey to the membership. We also recommend that you watch one of the three upcoming webinars about Pathways on J June 26th. You will find the links to register for these webinars on the Pathways page.

 Finally, if you cannot find the information you need, please feel free to reach out to us - or and we will be glad to assist.


Lorraine Hein & Sean Carroll

NIGP Area 1 Chapter Ambassadors

 Forum 2019  August 25 - 28 | Austin, TX 

$940 for regular registration.  Register today.

NEW! Leaders Edge:


Transformative leadership development for

mid-level procurement professionals

NIGP is excited to bring you Leaders Edge, our new yearlong development program created to find and nurture rising stars in public procurement who aspire to become the next generation of executive leaders. This program is an intimate, cohort-based

learning experience with a mix of in-person and online learning sessions designed to meet our members’ needs and to close the leadership gap in public procurement.

The modern workforce is changing rapidly with lifelong learning becoming the new norm. To stay relevant professionals must embrace an agile mindset, learn continually and take charge of their professional development to

: forge their career paths. Leaders Edge provides the blueprint to guide you.

With Leaders Edge, you’ll learn lifelong leadership skills and gain the knowledge and expertise to lead effectively in this fast-paced and high-performance technology-driven world. 

The program kicked off August 1 with a 1 ½ day workshop followed by virtual sessions throughout the year.

Session topics will reinforce NIGP’s Leadership Competency Model based on skill-building across these competencies:

  • Communication
  • Leading Change
  • Influence and Persuasion
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Leading Teams
  • Conflict Management
  • Strategic Thinking


Do you have what it takes to be part of Leaders Edge?



January 1 -December 31, 2019 ARE DUE. 

Thanks to those chapter members who paid their 2018 and 2019 dues or agencies paid your members NIGP Chapter dues. 
See the Membership Application for more information. 
NIGPNYINC accepts e-payments thru EFT. 

This site will introduce you to the NY City Chapter of the Institute For Public Procurement (NIGP), one of NIGP's 73 Chapters.   If you are not yet a member - join our Chapter.  We serve procurement and purchasing staff and officials, working in the Greater New York City Metropolitan area.  Join us and take the first steps in promoting your career in public procurement, purchasing or contract administration and reach new personal heights.  The best way to recognize professional achievement and competency today is through professional certification.  In the world of public procurement, CPPO and CPPB are the only designations that truly reflect your professional stature and dedication.   See the link to NIGP Professional Certification in the tool bar to the left.


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