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 During this holiday season, we thank you for your public service. We also want to remind you of the public trust we all hold as City employees. As part of that trust, you may not accept gifts or favors in connection with your City employment. 

Violations of these rules impact public confidence in City government. Violations may also result in serious penalties for you personally. Therefore, we want to remind you of the prohibition against gifts or favors and ask you to help inform and remind your colleagues of these rules to assist them in avoiding problems as well. Key rules to remember include:

  • City employees may not accept gifts or "tips" for doing their City jobs, nor may they receive any gifts from any person or firm doing business with the City, including any person or firm whose interests may be affected by their actions as City employees.
  • Superiors may not accept holiday gifts from their City subordinates, either individual or group gifts, except gifts of nominal value, namely where the “thought of giving” has greater value than the gift itself, i.e., under $10. Superiors may give holiday gifts to their subordinates, as long as the gift is not unusually extravagant.
  • City employees may not accept offers of free attendance at holiday parties or events sponsored by outside entities, such as those doing business with the City, unless they are given permission to do so in writing by their agency head because their attendance at the event would further a legitimate City purpose related to their City job.  You need not receive any special permission if you pay for your ticket.

A more complete list of the provisions of the City’s Conflicts of Interest Law, applicable to all City employees, is summarized below. COIB is committed to the fair and equitable enforcement of the law.  If you have questions about these or any other City ethics issue, you may contact the Conflicts of Interest Board for advice at (212) 442-1400. The advice is confidential and it can also be anonymous.  Should you have evidence or suspicion of corrupt activity anywhere in City government, you are required to report it immediately to the Inspector General assigned to your agency.  Any such reports will be kept strictly confidential.

It is our job collectively as City servants to uphold the public trust New Yorkers have placed in us.  Thank you for all you do to serve the people of this great City, and best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season and New Year.



Introducing Aspire, NIGP’s new learning experience.

Over the next year, we are enhancing member learning with the launch of Aspire, our learning experience. Aspire will enable members to connect with peers and easily access quality content using a variety of learning methods. It’s all about providing each one of you a unique experience tailored to your needs with the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime, anyway. Aspire provides learning that’s as powerful and personal as your individual aspirations.

Here’s what to expect:

  • The NEW Aspire Learning System will be released in October. You can access all our learning offerings, quickly register for courses and explore the many learning paths to personalize your learning experience. This will replace the current MyLink.

  • Leadership Development: We have heard from members on the need for a robust Leadership Development Program. Over the next year, we will roll out a 3-tier program.
    • Tier 1: Self-Paced – Access to online leadership development content that you can take at your own pace. Set to release with the Aspire Learning System in October.
    • Tier 2: Leadership Reimagined for Chapters – Provide Chapter Leaders the opportunity to learn and exchange ideas and best practices. Scheduled to launch in February 2019.
    • Tier 3: Leadership Development for Members – Bring together a cohort of NIGP peers in both a virtual and in-person setting. Set to release at Forum 2019.

  • Virtual Web Conferences: We recognize that travel costs and time away from the office can often impact professional development. To help, we want to bring the learning directly to your desktop through our new virtual conferences. Our first conference is being offered on November 8th and 9th. Click here to learn more and register.

  • Content Enhancements: We are updating and enhancing our content to improve your overall learning experience. One area you will notice is that our content is being delivered in smaller “chunks”. This allows greater flexibility and ease when trying to fit professional development into a busy schedule.

Please reach out if you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve your learning experience and help you aspire.

I look forward to designing and delivering this new learning experience together.

What do you aspire to? See what your colleagues have to say. (Link to I Aspire video)

Todd Slater, PhD.

Chief Content Officer, NIGP 703.429.2614 

January 1 -December 31, 2019 ARE DUE. 

Thanks to those chapter members who paid their 2018 dues or who's agencies paid your NIGP Chapter dues. 
See the Membership Application for more information.  

This site will introduce you to the NY City Metropolitan Chapter of the Institute For Public Procurement (NIGP), one of NIGP's 73 Chapters.   If you are not yet a member - join our Chapter.  We serve procurement and purchasing staff and officials, working in the Greater New York City Metropolitan area.  Join us and take the first steps in promoting your career in public procurement, purchasing or contract administration and reach new personal heights.  The best way to recognize professional achievement and competency today is through professional certification.  In the world of public procurement, CPPO and CPPB are the only designations that truly reflect your professional stature and dedication.   See the link to NIGP Professional Certification in the tool bar to the left.


 DISCLAIMER : Statements, opinions, and views expressed on this web site are personal and not the opinion or recommendation of any government agency, office or public employee.